Microbiology - Cultures and Stains

At Laboratory Solutions we do a variety of Microbiological studies, including pathogen identification and susceptibility testing when applicable.   


The testing menu for Microbiology is designed to make requesting appropriate testing for a particular specimen type easy.  Each specimen-specific item includes the stains and cultures that are appropriate based on the most probable pathogens from that source.  Individual types of cultures and examinations are also available. 


Unless otherwise noted, aerobic bacterial cultures include up to total of 4 pathogen identification or susceptibility panels whenever possible.   Anaerobic cultures include up to 2 pathogen identifications whenever possible.  Environmental cultures include general / presumptive identifications only.

Test  Name and its Components                                           


Culture Groups

  • Abscess / Wound / Ulcer Group Consists of Aerobic Cult / Anaerobic Cult / Gram Stain

  • Blood Culture Consists of  Aerobic Cult / Anaerobic Cult / Yeast

  • Eye / Ear / Corneal Group Consists of  Aerobic Cult / Gram Stain / Fungus Cult Screen

  • Lung / Lower Resp Tract Group Consists of  Aerobic Cult / Gram Stain / Fungus Screen Cult 

  • Nasal / Upper Resp Tract Consists of  Culture Screen for Pathogenic Streptococcus

  • Reproductive Group Consists of  Aerobic Cult / Gram Stain / Fungus Screen Cult 

  • Skin, Superficial Group Consists of  Aerobic Cult / Gram Stain / Dermatophyte Screen 

  • Tissue, Fluid Group Consists of  Aerobic Cult / Anaerobic Cult / Gram Stain


Individual Tests

  • Aerobic Culture (Various Sites)

  • Anaerobic Culture (Various Sites)

  • Dermatophyte Screen (Hair, Skin, Hoof)

  • Fecal Cult / Enteric Aerobic Bacterial Pathogens

  • Fecal Culture Screen for Salmonella 

  • Fecal Parasites Concentration / Wet Exam

  • Fecal Occult Blood

  • Fungus Culture Screen

  • KOH Fungal Prep

  • Urine Culture