Shipping Options for Out-of-Town Clients

You Can Do Your Own Shipping (We accept packages via USPS, UPS, FedEx etc.)

  • Send packages to 495 Sheppard Drive, N Augusta, SC  29860.

  • Better for practices that would like to keep per sample cost lower.

  • Better for small practices that may not be able to meet our requested minimums for prepaid FedEx service (atleast 10 samples).

  • Better for those that wish to exercise more control over how packages are sent. 

  • Pricing of testing would be lower because we don’t have the expense of shipping.

  • Turn Around Time may be slightly longer due to later USPS and UPS delivery times.



We Can Provide Preprinted Express Shipping Labels

  • Better for Larger practices or practices that plan to ship multiple samples at one time (10+) and thus can meet our requested minimums for prepaid Express service.

  • No hassles with creating shipping labels, paying separate shipping vender payments, etc.  Just affix provided preaddressed, prepaid label and place in drop box.  Click Here to find a FedEx drop box near you.

  • Best option for fastest turn-around time and reliability.  Packages from most locations arrive overnight for 2nd day AGID results.

  • Pricing of testing will be a little more to help cover the cost of express shipping.